Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Door Closes...

As the saying goes.. as one door closes another door opens. I will agree, it is more than completely true. This last week has been an end of one chapter in our lives, I have finished school. It's actually true. I received my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Utah in Health Promotion and Education. It has taken my 5 good years to accomplish, it sure feels rewarding. With commencement this week we had the wonderful opportunity to have my parents fly into town and enjoy this exciting time with us. With this door closing on us, we have had another one open. 

To a great surprise we are able to announce that we will making a big move this summer to....


I can't believe it, it is finally here. Nathan has been accepted in the Bio-medical and Biological Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Arizona. He will be working to get his PhD. This is a very exciting and perfect timing for us to be able to move on with our lives and make big progress for our future. 

This has been a very big week for us with my graduation, but also, I had a marathon today (in Provo). I got a new Personal Record as well as got a time fast enough to qualify for BOSTON! I didn't think I'd make it that fast. I am honestly so excited for this as well. Now to decided to enter into the lottery for the race :) 

It's been quite the week, so much going on and a lot of great things going on!!