Thursday, August 12, 2010

Livin The Good Life..

In Salt Lake City. We are in our one bedroom apartment at the University Married Student Housing. It is a small cinderblock apartment, but we are slowly trying to make it ours. I think the more we stay there the more I am okay with it. It would be amazing if I painted though, add life and character to our place, we will see. 

Through the months we have been in our ward we have had several callings, and currently Nathan is doing a great job as the Executive Secretary, and I am still the ward's Athletic Director, but also I am a Gospel Docterine Instructor. Our callings are both wonderful and challenging. We love the people we work with, and have such a wonderful ward, and so many great neighbors. Yes there are the few crazy ones, but we have many more wonderful friends that we are getting to know more and more. 

In the last couple months a group of ladies from the Courts (ward) we get together in the evening after we are all off work, and head out for enjoyable and fun runs. We challenge each other with our runs, and the courses we take, but we are together, we chat and get to know one another so much better. I look forward to it each day. The days we don't run, I get a little bummed and I think Nathan does too ;)... We have the goal in accomplishing a 1/2 marathon this fall, a few of us didn't get into the Top of Utah like we had planned so we have found another one to do together too. It is so fun to have a connection like running to bring us all together, to be able to invite so many others too. We have some with kids and most of us don't, but it is great because we can take turns pushing the strollers or entertaining the kids. It is great for our Husbands too because sometimes they offer to take the kids for the ones who's husbands are working and they get a good does of babysitting. It is fun and enjoyable for everyone. 

I have been reading a book called Born to Run. I am positive many of you have read it and loved it. It's taken a while for me to get into it but the more I am reading and the farther I get in the book the hard it's getting to put it down. I love reading of these Natives running Ultra Marathons and Women running them too, it makes me feel like I can get up and just go. Though I need to stay at work and finish out the day, it gives me a sense of greatness because I am a runner, each of us girls that go out together we are all runners, no matter the speed or the distance we cover, we make that effort to go out on the roads to exercise our bodies and invigorate our minds. We all were born to run, we were born to take care of our bodies and to be healthy. I feel so much better at night before going to bed knowing that I have put out that effort to run, swim or do a great exercise or some sort, I endulge myself in the exercise and I feel sure bliss after. I encourage all of you to grab a buddy and run. Even if you jog a mile walk a mile then jog another mile, your body will thank you. You will be able to enjoy the sure bliss of what it feels like to endulge yourself in running. I feel spoiled that my husband is so supportive of me getting that endulgence that I need, and to allow me to race, and to exercise and compete. I have such wonderful support from so many friends and family to continue my racing. I've slowed it down, I have only done one this year and it seems weird. I know that will getting married there are sacrifices that need to be made and this is one I can sacrifice as long as I can get out for my trainings, thats when I am a happy girl :).  

I love to run, I love to eat, and so then I run a little more. Our bodies love it, and need it more that you can realize. Live to be healthy and happy. My dad always told us kids growing up, all he wanted for Father's Day, Birthday, or Christmas was healthy and happy children, and that is what I always want to give him, not just on those special days but everyday. So together lets live happy and healthy. <3